Zachary Gorman



Home for the Holidays: Celebrating Ramadan in Quarantine

Each year, the month of Ramadan provides Muslims with a celebration of faith, community and family. During this year’s Ramadan — which began on April 23 and will run through May 23 — the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many Muslims to search for new ways to spend the holy month.

Hanover High School is the designated voting place in Hanover, NH. 


A Call to Action

Over the past few months, it was difficult to miss the barrage of reminders regarding the importance of voting in this year’s midterm elections.


Q&A With Professor Ryan Calsbeek

Ryan Calsbeek is a professor in the department of biological sciences. He specializes in natural selection and studies evolution in reptiles and amphibians.

English and creative writing professor Peter Orner recently joined the College.


Q&A With Professor Peter Orner

Peter Orner is a new professor in the department of English and creative writing. Orner has authored acclaimed story collections and novels and edited various oral histories over the past two decades.


Finding a Love of Backpacking

At a college in the middle of New Hampshire’s scenic mountains and verdant forests, students have the freedom to spend as much time as possible in the surrounding environment.

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