Editors' Note

by Kylee Sibilia and Nikhita Hingorani | 5/8/19 2:30am

At face value, the phrase “war and peace” is contradictory. But these contradictions make us human. We say we want balance but continue to pile on commitment after commitment. We strive for a healthier diet but always sneak that extra cookie on our way out of Foco. It is easy for us to think one thing and do something else or to try upholding some set of values while our lifestyles tell a different story. 

In this week’s Mirror, we learn about the 1969 Parkhurst occupation and anti-war activism at Dartmouth, explore the connection between war and the curriculum of the Russian department and reflect on the stress that comes with pre-rush events and sorority recruitment. We learn that, sometimes, contradictions are the aspects of life that make our days a little more exciting — after all, consistency is boring. 

So though Week 7 may feel like it is leaning more toward war than peace, we hope that you can find the time to go to your place of serenity on campus, wherever that may be, and embrace the contradictions around you. Your world would be a lot different without them. 

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