“One” event at ’53 Commons will highlight food from Hanover restaurants

by Abigail Mihaly | 1/23/19 2:40am


Dartmouth Dining Service's "One" event will bring Hanover restaurants to the Class of 1953 Commons.

by Seamore Zhu / The Dartmouth

Updated Jan. 23 at 8:22 p.m.

Befuddled diners, rejoice. The mystery of “One” is over. 

On Jan. 28, the Class of 1953 Commons will host a variety of Hanover restaurants, each of whom will serve one signature dish. Dartmouth Dining Services has been eagerly promoting One since the start of term, posting placards on tables and outfitting their employees with t-shirts, but until now has declined to comment on what the event will entail.

Nine to 11 establishments are currently set to participate in One, according to Jon Plodzik, director of DDS. Morano Gelato, Noodle Station, Pine and Tuk Tuk Thai restaurants confirmed to The Dartmouth that they will be serving food. Plodzik added that DDS is working toward collaborating with two more restaurants and has not heard back from four others. 

Base Camp Café, Boloco, Lou’s Restaurant & Bakery, My Brigadeiro, Salt Hill Pub and Umpleby’s Bakery & Café have all confirmed that they will not be participating in the event. Candela Tapas Lounge, Jewel of India and Molly’s Restaurant & Bar are currently unsure whether they will participate. Other restaurants, including Market Table, Murphy’s on the Green and The Skinny Pancake, declined to comment on their participation or could not be reached by press time.

While some restaurants will be bringing pre-prepared dishes to ’53 Commons, other restaurants will be assigned a station to prepare their dishes. The dining hall workers who usually work at the associated station will be available to help the chef or chefs from each outside restaurant, said Chris Gale, co-owner of Noodle Station.

Gale said that Noodle Station will likely bring 500 servings of their “Asian Persuasion” noodle bowl. Morgan Morano, owner of Morano’s, said that the gelateria will serve three flavors of gelato. Pine's executive chef Justin Dain said that the restaurant will serve around 800 portions of braised beef short rib with gnocchi and Tuscan kale. Tuk Tuk Thai owner Pannipa Pace said that she plans to bring avocado curry, although this may be subject to change.

However, there seems to have been at least one miscommunication regarding serving sizes. Pace said that Tuk Tuk Thai is currently planning to provide a single portion — ”one dish” — of curry for the event, which she estimates will feed one to two people.

“Well, that would be a problem,” Plodzik said upon hearing the news.

However, Plodzik assured The Dartmouth that this situation would be remedied by Monday.

“We’ll resolve any confusion. That is a miscommunication,” he said.

A full menu of One will be published around 10 a.m. on Monday, Plodzik estimated.

A flyer distributed to Hanover restaurants advertised the event as a way for Hanover restaurants to promote their businesses to students on campus. “Come promote your business, prepare your signature dish, and join in this partnership event for students,” the flyer reads.

In preparation for the event, Plodzik and DDS staff dietitian Beth Rosenberger went “door to door” to reach out to the restaurants, Plodizk said. The event will be held on a Monday because that is often the slowest day for restaurants, Plodzik said. 

Gale said that after participating in the farmers’ markets on the Hanover Green this summer, Noodle Station “jumped at the opportunity” to once again connect directly with the student body. He said that the One was a great way to advertise, and to “let [students] know that we’re right here in town.”

Gale said that there will be some reimbursement for time and food cost, but that DDS will not be paying the “normal price” of the dishes. Plodzik added that DDS has “worked out deals behind the scenes” to ensure restaurants do not incur an expense.

Plodzik, who came up with the idea for the event a few years ago, has relished the rumors about One.

“We really enjoy the speculation we’ve been hearing, and we’ve heard the rumors,” Plodzik.

The Dartmouth Senior Staff contributed reporting.

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