Mirror Asks: Blessings In Disguise

by The Mirror Staff | 5/16/18 2:15am

When has a blessing been disguised?

Jake Maguire ’21: This year, I had foot surgery over winter break, which forced me to move from one dorm to another because my previous room was not handicap accessible. Although the recovery from the surgery took about four months, it was a blessing in disguise in some ways because I made some new friends in the process that I probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Kylee Sibilia ’20: The Class of 1953 Commons seemed pretty grim at first, but I’ve gotten good at making mac and cheese in the microwave with the pasta from the main area and the cheese from the condiments area, and it tastes so good.

What’s a Dartmouth blessing in disguise?

JM: I honestly think that the Choates cluster is a blessing in disguise. Although they are not the newest dorms on campus, the fact that the buildings are connected and that they collectively house approximately a quarter of the freshman class definitely makes them a conducive place for ’21s to meet one another.

Zachary Benjamin ’19: When Foco runs out of cookies. You can’t indulge if there’s nothing there. *insert “man tapping forehead while giving a knowing look” meme here*

KS: When you live super far away, like the River or East Wheelock, you get really close with the people you’re living with.

Ioana Solomon ’19: The obscenely long KAF lines. They have averted me from thousands of unnecessary calories, but when I take the plunge and sacrifice 20 minutes of my time for a danish, I savor every bite like it is my last.

Have you ever not gotten what you wanted, but ended up better off?

JM: I got rejected from Brown, which was kind of disappointing to me at the time because going to college there was a childhood goal of mine. But I found out the same day that I had been accepted to Dartmouth, and I love this school!

KS: I’ve been rejected from countless clubs and internships at Dartmouth, and I think that has made me a lot stronger as a person.

IS: I never got good at rowing. But I found my place at The Dartmouth, and I’d say I’m definitely better off.

What’s your biggest blessing?

JM: I’m definitely blessed to have grown up in a household where my parents supported me and to have attended high-quality public schools that prepared me for success.

ZB: Family, health, loved ones. It’s hard for me to be upset about anything in my life for very long.

KS: The fact that the sun is finally out and you can sit with friends on the Green again.

IS: This place never promised only happy times. It only promised that it would open our eyes and help us grow. It’s taken a lot of stumbles, but I’d say I’m getting there.

What part of your Dartmouth experience did you grow to love?

JM: I have grown to love all the friendships that I have made here at Dartmouth, and I love meeting students from all over the world every day.

ZB: I originally applied to join The Dartmouth on a whim. I’d say that it’s become rather important to me.

KS: I’ve definitely grown to love all the quirks and beauties of the area of New England all around us off campus. There’s so much good food and beautiful scenery!

IS: I’ve grown to love the pace of things. I know I’ll always hate Weeks Four and Nine (and honestly, probably all of them for brief moments), but there’s always something different, exciting and encouraging every time I step back on campus to do it all over again.

What have you been most surprised by at Dartmouth?

JM: I was definitely surprised by the fact that Dartmouth’s faculty, who are some of the best scholars in the world, are genuinely interested in teaching undergraduates. It continues to amaze me that my professors, some of whom have published several books, are willing to make time to get to know me and all of my fellow students.

ZB: How many people I still don’t know.

KS: I think I’ve been most surprised by how supportive everyone always is of each other, even when we’re all also super stressed.

Hidden gems at Dartmouth?

JM: It’s not really a secret, but I love to study in Fairchild Tower! I also really like the walking trails by the golf course.

KS: The many, many dogs you see around campus that always brighten your day.

IS: Collis soft serve.