The Dartmouth announces incoming 2018 directorate

by The Dartmouth Senior Staff | 2/27/18 2:15am

Zachary Benjamin ’19 and Hanting Guo ’19 will serve as The Dartmouth’s next editor-in-chief and publisher, respectively.

Benjamin, an English major from Lodi, California, joined the news section his freshman year and served as a news managing editor during winter 2017 and winter 2018. He will replace outgoing editor-in-chief Ray Lu ’18 in the spring.

Guo, a computer science and economics double-major and music minor from Seattle, Washington, joined the strategy staff his freshman year and served as a strategy staff project leader from winter to fall 2017. He will replace outgoing publisher Philip Rasansky ’18 in the spring.

2018 Editorial Directorate

Ioana Solomon ’19 will replace Kourtney Kawano ’18 as production executive editor, and Amanda Zhou ’19 will replace Erin Lee ’18 as news executive editor.

Alexa Green ’19 and Sonia Qin ’19, both current news managing editors, will continue their positions for a full tenure. Benjamin and Zhou will end their time as news managing editors.

Matthew Brown ’19 and Lucy Li ’19 will replace Parker Richards ’18, Solomon and Ziqin Yuan ’18 as opinion editors.

Current Mirror editors Marie-Capucine Pineau-Valencienne ’19 and Carolyn Zhou ’19 will continue to lead the section for a year.

Current sports editors Nathan Albrinck ’20 and Samantha Hussey ’20 will continue their positions, alongside Mark Cui ’19, who served as a sports editor in winter 2017. Evan Morgan ’19 and Chris Shim ’18 will end their tenure as sports editors. Albrinck will edit in the fall, Cui will edit for the full year and Hussey will edit in spring and fall.

Betty Kim ’20, Joyce Lee ’19 and Morgan will serve as arts editors, replacing Haley Gordon ’18 and Madeline Killen ’18. Lee is currently an associate arts editor. Kim and Morgan will edit in the spring and Lee will edit for fall and winter.

Current Dartbeat editor Melanie Kos ’20 will continue to serve in her position, while Yadira Torres ’19 ends her tenure as Dartbeat editor.

Divya Kopalle ’21 and Michael Lin ’21 will take over as photography editors from Tiffany Zhai ’18. Kopalle and Lin are currently serving as associate photography editors.

Multimedia editor Jessica Campanile ’20 will continue in her position for a year. Jaclyn Eagle ’19 will also continue to serve as templating editor. Current design editors Samantha Burack ’20 and Jee Seob Jung ’20 will continue in their positions as well.

2018 Business Directorate

Bharath Katragadda ’19 and Jay Zhou ’19 will replace Roshni Chandwani ’18 and Alfredo Gurmendi ’18 as strategy directors.

Brian Schoenfeld ’19 and Heeju Kim ’19 will replace Shinar Jain ’18 as advertising director. Raiden Meyer ’20 will serve as advertising assistant director.

Brian Chekal ’19 and Cayla Plotch ’19 will become product development directors, replacing Kelly Chen ’18 and Elyse Kuo ’18.

Sarah Kovan ’19 and Christina Wulff ’19 will serve as communications and marketing directors, replacing Emma Marsano ’18. Vinay Reddy ’20 will become communications and marketing assistant director.

Yeonjae Park ’19, who served as technology director in fall 2017, will reassume her position from Matthew Gobin ’20, upon returning from her winter off-term.