Mirror Asks: Valentine's Day Edition

by The Mirror Staff | 2/14/18 1:15am

by Mia Zhang Nacke / The Dartmouth

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Chris Cartwright ’21: Yes, in certain occasions. For my parents it was the opposite: They met on a staircase and my dad (’90) thought my mom (’88) was pretty nosy at first, so obviously it took time for that relationship to develop. And yet they’re still married after 25 years!

Annie Farrell ’21: No. That’s like saying an apple is your one-and-only snack, but you’ve never even eaten an apple before. You need to get a taste of an apple before you can say you love apples.  

Zachary Gorman ’21: Yes, I’m certain that it happens all the time.

Cappy Pineau-Valencienne ’19: No. 

Timothy Yang ’21: YES! Love at first sight exists. Maybe not common for both ways but love at first sight exists when people are attracted not only by the looks but also personality

Carolyn Zhou ’19: No, that’s merely lust. 

What’s the strangest love of a thing that you have?

CC: I really love Halloween — and every fall get obsessed with decorating and celebrating and all of that jazz (just ask my floor mates). I definitely don’t look like the type of person who’d obsess over the holiday, though.

AF: My blue blanket on my bed. It’s so good to me.

ZG: I unironically love the “Star Wars” prequels. Sue me, nerds.

CPV: Murder TV Shows. 

CZ: My Spotify account. I have over 90 carefully curated playlists, and the list keeps growing. 

What’s the craziest thing you’ve heard of someone doing for love?

CC: I feel like love is like a roller coaster and that both the highs and lows can drive a person to do some pretty strange things — I’ve never met someone who’s experienced strange stuff before, at least.

AF: Yes. My roommate knows someone that asked his girlfriend to prom with plane tickets to Paris to go along with the “A Night in Paris” prom theme.

TY: Love does drive people crazy. Craziest thing? Probably sacrificing their own wellbeing or even their lives just for love.

What is the best valentine you’ve ever received? 

CC: Best valentine? Hmm … I don’t know ­­­— I always just love getting candy if my friends have extra. I guess I’ve never really had a proper valentine.

AF: Postmates gave me free food delivery last Valentine’s Day.

TY: A whole day spent with my love interest.

Three words to describe your love life:

CC: 404 Not Found

AF: Now accepting flitzes.

ZG: What love life?.

Who’s your campus crush?

CC: Hahahaha my lips are sealed!

AF: James Yeagley ’21. Let him know.

CZ: The person who responds to Dartmouth Dining Services texts. At least they always text back.