Editors' Note

by Lauren Budd and May Mansour | 9/13/17 2:05am

Tap...tap...is this thing on?

Your three intrepid editors-slash-best friends-slash Stockholm Syndrome victims have returned to Robinson Hall for a final term of brainstorming, editing and mocking editor in chief Ray Lu ’18’s soul-crushingly awful musical choices (they eagerly await the return of his 45-minute-long dance remixes).

The three were scattered across the country this summer: May, working at a feminist publishing company in Manhattan; Annette, back to her seaside home of Portland, Maine; and Lauren, doing her best Didion impression in Los Angeles. However, thanks to Snapchat and Lauren and Annette’s raucous finsta accounts, they kept in close touch and eagerly counted down the days until their reunion. Finally, the trio is back eating sad Collis takeout dinners in front of the computer and harassing unassuming young journalists!

In honor of the ’21s embarking on their Dartmouth journeys (we are so jealous you all have four years ahead of you), this week’s theme is origins. We hope you enjoy it!

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