The College appoints N. Bruce Duthu ’80 as next dean of the faculty of arts and sciences

by The Dartmouth Senior Staff | 3/27/17 11:33am

In a campus-wide email Monday, College president Phil Hanlon and Provost Carolyn Dever announced N. Bruce Duthu '80 as the next dean of faculty of arts and sciences. Duthu will succeed Dean Michael Mastanduno on July 1 and serve a four-year term.

Duthu, currently the Frank J. Guarini associate dean of the faculty for international studies and interdisciplinary programs and Samson Occom professor of Native American studies, will continue teaching during his tenure as dean of faculty of arts and sciences. Duthu has been a professor at the College since 1987.

At Hanlon’s request, Mastanduno served two additional years after his five-year appointment in 2010. Mastanduno will take a yearlong sabbatical before returning to teaching and researching at Dartmouth.

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