The Sing Dynasty headlines Fall Fling, features the Cords

by Zach Cherian | 11/11/16 12:00am

The Sing Dynasty, a coed a cappella group, will perform in the biggest Dartmouth show of their a cappella careers this upcoming Saturday.

Each a cappella group only hosts Fall Fling once every four years. Sings’ music director Julie Solomon ’17 said the show is one of the high points of any singer’s a cappella career.

“Fall Fling is part of what I think they call the ‘-ing’ rotations schedule,” Solomon said, referring to the three major singing events of the year: Fall Fling, Winter Wingding and Spring Sing.

While all members are excited for the show, it is an especially sentimental moment for the seniors in the group.

Head of choreography Haley Reicher ’17 said she felt excited for the show as it is an opportunity to showcase the growth of the group over her three years in the Sings.

Allison Chou ’17 said that the group has become much more technically advanced in her three years since joining.

“Musically, we’re leaps and bounds ahead of where we were four years ago,” Chou said.

The show will prominently feature seven “Eaglets,” the first-year members of the group. One Eaglet, Raphael Preston ’20, will close the show with a solo.

Parker Banks ’20 expressed excitement for the show, noting that the scale was somewhat intimidating.

Dorothy Qu ’19 commented on the work put into the show, noting she was especially excited to “see all the Eaglets grow up” over the course of the term.

Solomon said that Fall Fling’s venue — the Hopkins Center’s Spaulding Auditorium — is a completely distinct venue for performing than other spaces the group performs in.

“There’s microphones, there’s going to be lighting,” Solomon said. “We’re not used to performing with mics, so that’s going to be a big difference.”

The group is looking forward to the “higher production value” of Spaulding, Solomon said.

“It’s always fun to be able to perform on a stage that’s not a frat,” Reicher added.

The Sings will be joined onstage by the all male a cappella group, the Dartmouth Cords. The Cords will perform six pieces between the first and second halves of the Sings’ show. The Cords were set to perform for Spring Sing last year, but the timing became unfeasible because of the show’s early date in the term, Solomon said.

In preparation for the show, the Sings expanded their rehearsal schedule and many members increased their individual practice time as well.

“We want to be at our best for this,” Banks said.

The group’s set includes songs by artists ranging from Simon and Garfunkel to Usher, allowing the group to showcase their vocal diversity.

“I’m excited to showcase a wide array of soloists,” Chou said. “I think it’s a really great example of all of the different types of voices that the Sings have.”

Fall Fling is this Saturday, Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $3 for students and $10 for community members.

Dorothy Qu is a member of The Dartmouth opinion staff.