Editor's Note

by Lauren Budd and Hayley Hoverter | 10/12/16 1:00am

The leaves are changing, the weather is cold, the coffee in my dorm is 48 hours old. Happy week five. But enough with the moving poetry, or as Lauren maybe more aptly described it, “shoddy rhyme scheme.” In her defense, Hayley briefly considered Googling what couplets are. But, remembering who she is as a person and that she is sleep deprived, Hayley thought to herself, “Who cares.” While the first five sentences of our editors’ note seem to be trying to aggressively prove otherwise, at Dartmouth we have a lot of very talented and driven women.

This issue is focused on commemorating them, which seems more necessary this week than ever, with Donald Trump’s most recent comments. So we’re exploring what it’s like to be a Dartmouth woman and women’s spaces on campus. We even put aside the age old Dartbeat-Mirror rivalry (we are referring to the Great Battle for the title of “Most Fun Section of The D,” which exists solely in our minds) aside for sisterhood, letting one of the section’s editors write about her experiences in computer science. And we’re going to take this dedication even further next week and have Lauren write the editors’ note. Lauren points out that this is not so much a decision born from the respect for women but rather respect for better writing. Touché. Until next week, readers. Good luck with midterms!