Vox Clamantis: Supporting All Students

by Inge-Lise Ameer | 11/19/15 4:01pm

To the Editor:

This paper and other media outlets have reported on the demonstrations that occurred on campus last Thursday, and follow-up meetings I held with concerned students.In one of the meetings, I said something completely off-base regarding Americans with conservative political views.To my discredit, I suggested they are not nice people. For this, I offer an unequivocal apology.

Part of my job is to listen to every student. Through listening, I now know that not everyone agreed with the tactics deployed by those protesting.

The vice provost for student affairs is here to support all students. I reiterate my offer to meet with any student at any time.

Inge-Lise Ameer is the vice provost for student affairs.