Vox Clamantis: Misguided Complaints

by Matt Dwyer | 5/11/15 6:31pm

To the Editor:

Much has been said by recent student protestors about apathy on campus with respect to murdered black men. Now, another black police officer and his white colleague are dead in Mississippi. Three black men and one black woman have been charged in connection. Where is student outrage over the murders of scores of police officers of all races committed by people of all races? When will the privileged student protestors shift their attention away from the police and their criticisms of the College toward engaging all students to fight the root causes of the slaughter of police officers and suspects alike? When will the silent majority be moved to act? Let’s fight poor education and poor health care, not one another.

Dartmouth once gave meaning to the word “community” and instilled togetherness and gratitude in her students. Tens of thousands of her alumni took heed and engaged in the real fight to improve the world, while some at Dartmouth today are more committed to denigrating the College and their fellow students than collaborating for the good of all. Dartmouth is and always has been part of the solution, not the problem.

Matt Dwyer ’75