Editors' Note

by Maddie Brown and Charlie Rafkin | 5/28/15 7:24pm

The coming months herald great things for Mirror readers.

There is nothing more trite or infuriating than Editors’ Notes that skirt all discussion of pressing campus topics in favor of egomaniacal navel-gazing and self-effacing tangents that only barely disguise Mirror editors’ revolting self-obsession.

Charlie and Maddie, possessed by a curious desire to discuss themselves in the third-person, see any coverage of anyone other than Maddie or Charlie as kowtowing to reader’s whims. This magazine, the thinking runs, ought to be a vehicle for communicating every minute ripple in its editors’ psyche.

Lord knows Charlie, at least, will never kowtow. (Maddie likes cows, she says.)

Summer Mirror editors, however, do have a tendency to kowtow — in other words, rather than be consumed by an invisible power dynamic with imaginary critics, sophomore editors are likely to respond appropriately to reader’s desires.

But not even these two who have summited ego-mountain could read this week’s Mirror without pause. Certainly, Charlie and Maddie had hoped that the spring’s final Mirror would celebrate Charlie and Maddie, but this week’s magazine, instead, celebrates the members of the Class of 2015 who served on the Dartmouth’s directorate. Their remarkably mature and thoughtful perspectives managed to shake even Maddie and Charlie out of their narcissistic slumbers, if only briefly.

Browse this Mirror for musings inspired by graduation, and have a great summer. You won’t miss us, but we’ll miss you!`