If You Don't Know, Now You Know

by Charlie Rafkin | 4/9/15 6:14pm

What’s your favorite unreasonable bureaucratic fine?

Why choose? The late check-in fee — where students are fined $50 for failing to check in on Banner Student — is often cited as an infuriating administrative niggle. Other great fines: those incurred for switching one’s D-plan, late housing changes, studio fees for art students or charges for P.E. courses.

What’s your favorite perk from the administration?

The smiley face that appears in your browser window after you check in is such a nice touch. Banner Student might modernize in coming years, but I pray to the Gods of Parkhurst Hall that we retain this yellow smiley face.

What is the most obscure administrative department at the College?

The internal controls services unit — a subset of the risk and internal control services department — provides “audit, investigation and advisory services to departments.” To that, we at The Mirror say: ?!