Mirror Exclusive Photo Essay: Campus Couples

by Natalie Cantave and Kimberlee John | 2/12/15 7:18pm


Artists' Note:It’s usually an assumption that love at Dartmouth doesn’t exist since it isn’t really visible on campus. So when we took on this project, we thought it would be hard to find couples on campus. However, throughout the past fewdays when we met and photographed couples in their happiest moments, we learned that love does exist at Dartmouth, and it sometimes comes in the most unexpected ways.

Calandra Jones '15 &Josue David Ruiz '17

"I guess you could say we found love in a frat basement! We had seen each other around before, but were finally introduced to each other through mutual friends at Zete. We played pong against each other, and, yeah, we went home together that same night, but there was an unmistakable chemistry between us. Later that same week, he took me out to dinner at Molly's and after that (plus countless Starbucks dates), I was hooked!" — Calandra Jones

Sydney Allard '16 & John Damianos '16

"We met randomly in a study room in East Wheelock and bonded over a love of the brain and seltzer water." — John Damianos

Autumn Brunelle '15 &Aaron Ellis '15

"I met Autumn through her freshman roommate in a frat basement. We hit it off that night, hung out a lot after, and then started dating about a month later." — Aaron Ellis

Joe Howard '16 &Judy Li '15

"We were introduced by a mutual friend, and then decided to go to spring formal together on a whim. We hit it off, saw more and more of each other, and now have been dating for seven months! We got really lucky, and couldn't be any happier." — Judy Li

Jake Marchman '18 & Leah Valdez '18

"We met during move-in day in Butterfield. We talked for a bit, even though at first Leah ignored me. About a month later, we reconnected despite living in the same dorm, and the rest is history!" — Jake Marchman

Lindsay Salem '18 & Matthew Vance '18

"Lindsay and I met through Dartmouth EMS. The first time we started to become romantically involved was when we sang 'A Whole New World' together in karaoke. After that, we got some food in Novack, and the rest is history." — Matthew Vance

Josh Lange '17 & Alex Woodruff '17

"We met during Freshman trips when we did flatwater kayaking. We officially started dating during the first week of our first term at Dartmouth, and we've been together for twohappy years." — Alex Woodruff

Diksha Gautham '15 & Josh Wang '15

"We lived on the same floor freshman year." — Josh Wang

Vivian Chen '16 & Walker Sales '16

"We met through mutual friends, and then I took him to semi-formal sophomore summer." — Vivian Chen

Professors Cathy Cramer & John Pfister

"We met at Johns Hopkins, when Cathy was a graduate student and I an undergrad. We've been married for 28 years (29 years this May). Our marriage has survived for so long because we were, and still are, best friends." — John Pfister

Justin Chan '16 & Shayn Jiang '15

"We like to say we met at Candela Tapas Lounge ( aka the 'tapas place in town') for a classy dinner with mutual friends on the last day of exams 13F. But that's a lie — tapas was actually our second time meeting.The first time ever was in Heorot's basement at Shayn's first ever tails in the beginning of the fall." — Justin Chan

Paige Caridi '16 & Blair Friedhenson '16

(Courtesy of Paige Caridi)

Taylor Payer '15 & Singer Horse Capture '17

"Singer and I met like all star-crossed lovers meet: in an exec board meeting for Native Americans at Dartmouth of course. We bonded over planning social events, begging for COSO funding, and grocery shopping for things in bulk. She taught me how to get stains out of my sweater and I showed her how to make the perfect pancake. 1.3 years later we still don't hate each other. Our favorite things to do together include rearing our child, Garfunkel, hiking mountains and talking way too much about oppression and KStew's latest haircut." — Taylor Payer

Blake Osborn '15 &Wills Russell '15

"Blake stopped by SAE one night, and we were introduced through a mutual friend. We hit it off immediately, both being from the South, and I remember being impressed with her appreciation for Macallan. It's hard to describe but after our first meeting I knew I had to see her again, and the rest is history!" — Wills Russell

Daniel Calano '15 &Austin Moore '15

(Courtesy of Daniel Calano)

"We were set up by a mutual friend shortly before Winter Carnival our sophomore year, which means at this point we have been together for more than two years... more than half our time at Dartmouth so far. I don't think either of us could imagine life, let alone our Dartmouth experiences, without each other. Out advice to other couples? Remember to keep making each other laugh." — Daniel Calano

Correction appended (May 29, 2018): This article has been updated to remove an incorrect photo attribution.