If You Don't Know, Now You Know

by Charlie Rafkin | 1/29/15 9:39pm

But this winter is cold. Is global warming still real?

Dang! Got ’em! It’s super hilarious and insightful to wonder aloud whether the snow dump we experienced invalidates of decades careful scientific reasoning. And it’s even funnier when paired with the converse of this joke — namely, when it’s hot out and you ask, “Where’s global warming when you need it, huh?” This strategy wins The Mirror stamp of approval as the key to any comedic career.

Are students powerless with respect to climate change?

It’s not news that many of us feel like our collective hands are tied. Most student-driven environmental campaigns seem aimed at symbols, like opposition to investment in fossil fuel campaigns or the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, rather than dramatic governmental reforms. That’s why the TTLG from Leehi Yona ’16 is so inspiring. She proves that it’s possible to lobby for tangible change.

How many climate skeptics have you met on campus?

One reason for hope: I have never met a single person on campus who disagrees that climate change occurs and is anthropogenic. We have reason to think that as our generation takes charge, reforms might be possible.