If you don't know, now you know

by Charlie Rafkin | 1/15/15 9:36pm

Am I going to get into the FSP of my dreams?

No clue, but here’s a tip. Do not follow the model of my application to the French FSP in Paris, France. It is only by the grace of God that my app — in which I describe myself, in the very first sentence, as a “francophile through and through” — was not tossed directly into the “ding” pile.

How many different types of U.S. visas are there?

Put it this way: There is an alphabet soup of different visa options. Your esteemed magazine editor would be better served pleading the fifth for fear of hopelessly bungling this question and forever sullying this magazine’s reputation in the process, but I’ll take the plunge and hazard a guess. There are at least three: F1, J1, M1.

How many times can you study abroad?

As a freshman, you hear stories about students who study abroad twice, but you think that meeting one might make for some sort of exceptional rarity, like receiving a citation, enjoying a cloudless spring morning on the Green, or spotting President Phil Hanlon breaking a sweat on the elliptical at the Alumni Gym. Turns out, plenty of people study abroad twice — and there are some who study abroad even three times — but you’ve got to put in the planning.