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February 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
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Apple Crunch launches week of food programming

Community members gathered on the Green Monday to savor local apples.
Community members gathered on the Green Monday to savor local apples.

On Monday, a group of students and community members gathered on the Green to bite into fresh, local apples, kicking off Food Week at the College. The Apple Crunch was the first of eight food-related events that will be held throughout the week, culminating Friday with a feast at the Dartmouth Organic Farm.

Dartmouth Dining Services manager Beth Rosenberger, who helped coordinate this week’s programming, said organizers hope to raise awareness about food injustice, promote support for food workers and encourage healthy diets.

Becky Hoeffler, a sustainabilty fellow who is helping coordinate the week’s events, said she hopes Food Week will draw attention to lesser known issues, like food deserts, areas that lack convenient access to a grocery store.

The week’s programming includes a lecture by Mark Winne, an expert on food systems who has worked in agriculture policy, a viewing of “Fed Up” (2014), a documentary exposing the modern food production system, and a “Harvest Dinner” in the Class of 1953 Commons, which will offer locally sourced fare including stuffed portobello mushrooms, grilled apple-glazed pork loin and baked apples a la mode.

Programming culminates Friday, which is also Food Day, a national event established by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which seeks to educate the public and advocate for policy changes regarding health and environmental issues. Dartmouth began participating in Food Day three years ago, Rosenberger said. On Friday, students will have the opportunity to tour the Organic Farm and learn about sustainable agriculture.

Dartmouth nutritionist KC Wright, who is also coordinating the week’s programming, said she hopes the week’s events will inspire students to continue thinking about food conscientiously all year.

Winne’s Monday lecture focused on combating food injustices and promoting sustainability, including localizing foods and developing more regional food markets.

Director of Sustainability Rosi Kerr said Food Week highlights the prominent role food plays in the world.

“Food is the way that many of us can have an impact on the sustainability of our planet and also on our own health,” Kerr said.