Thefts, car break-ins prompt investigations

by Marina Shkuratov | 4/22/14 7:09pm

Hanover Police and Safety and Security are currently investigating a number of thefts and car break-ins that occurred across campus over the weekend. Safety and Security is investigating whether two of the crimes that occurred near Occom Ridge were connected, Safety and Security Director Harry Kinne said.

Around 1 a.m. on Saturday, Hanover Police was notified that various electronics had been stolen from students’ backpacks in the basement of Aquinas House, the Catholic student center, Hanover Police Chief Frank Moran said in an email. Three students had items stolen, including a laptop, Kindle, phone and wallet.

At 2:21 p.m. on Saturday, Hanover Police received a report that bags had been stolen from a vehicle parked on West Wheelock Steet, and that the vehicle itself was damaged, Moran said.

Half an hour later that afternoon, police were notified of unauthorized use and vandalism of a vehicle stolen from behind Kappa Delta Epsilon sorority. The vehicle was parked there at 10:15 p.m. on Friday, Moran said, but was left unlocked with the keys inside. The vehicle was later discovered outside the Roth Center, located at 5 Occom Ridge, with exterior and interior damage.

The victim of the theft outside KDE, a female member of the Class of 2015, said she found her car about an hour after discovering that it was missing on Saturday afternoon. After searching for the car in A-Lot, the female student said she saw it in a parking lot near Delta Delta Delta sorority. Someone had slashed the passenger seat, cracked the GPS display and tried to remove the car’s ceiling light, she said.

Hanover Police also received a report on Sunday that personal items were stolen from a parked vehicle on Gile Drive, Moran said.

Kinne said that Safety and Security officers are currently investigating whether the thefts at Aquinas House and outside KDE were connected.