Trending @ Dartmouth

by Amelia Acosta and Tyler Bradford | 10/17/13 10:00pm


1902: Gone are the days of lounging on the Green. It's crunch time.

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: It's been a long three weeks, but our government finally exists again. Our projects requiring Census data, however, were due yesterday. Thanks, Uncle Sam.

OVERCROWDED SPACES: The ban has been lifted and try as some fraternaties might, it is now the '17s' right as Dartmouth students to party it up in grimy basements. No need to panic if Friday night is a little more crowded than usual, it's just campus's fresh crop.

COUGHING: The only thing worse than midterms are the diseases that comes with them. Combine that with recovering from Homecoming, and we don't stand a chance.

SAFE RIDE: It's taken us too long to discover this magical service, but you know what they say, better late than never.