Editor's Note

by Amelia Acosta and Tyler Bradford | 9/19/13 10:00pm

by Margaret Rowland / The Dartmouth

The American poet William Cullen Bryant called autumn "the year's last, loveliest smile." We at the Mirror are inclined to agree. Having missed Hanover fall last year for study abroad programs, we'd almost let ourselves forget that this is actually campus at its most beautiful. And there's nothing like being a college senior surrounded by flushing leaves and plummeting temperatures to make you realize that everything has an expiration date. The good thing is that we've finally realized that the finite nature of experience is exactly what makes it precious. When you're young, things are new, time crawls by and you take every exquisite moment for granted. Now we fall in love with people, places and things knowing they won't last forever, but treasuring them nonetheless. Freshmen, so what if you can't get into frat basements yet? You've got years to dwell underground your first Hanover fall is begging you to come out and play before the subzero temperatures banish us from the Green. Get a foothold in Dartmouth outside of the Greek world and explore new things, including this week's Mirror, where we examine the media's fascination with college hookup culture, go along on wild gap years and read some of the latest books from Dartmouth faculty's best and brightest. It's a tired phrase but time does fly. Luckily that's no cause for despair. Who among us hasn't wanted to fly? Happy Friday! Make it count.