Dartmouth sees slight drop in donations

by Taylor Malmsheimer | 8/14/13 1:30pm

Dartmouth raised $163.8 million during the 2013 fiscal year, $7.7 million less than last year's record-breaking $171.5 million. With contributions from 44.5 percent of alumni, the Dartmouth College Fund raised $51.9 million, breaking last year's record of $47 million.

The 2013 total, which exceeded the five-year average of $155.4 million, includes annual gifts from alumni, parents and friends of the College and its three professional schools, and restricted gifts to the endowment.

Setting a new record, the Dartmouth College Fund raised $4.5 million through the Parents and Grandparents Fund. Money donated through the Dartmouth College Fund supports academics, athletics, independent research, outdoor activities, study-abroad programs and financial aid.

The College's three graduate schools also garnered record-breaking alumni donations. The Tuck School of Business raised $6.3 million and boasts a 70.5 percent alumni participation rate, the highest in the nation. This year's total surpassed Tuck's previous record of $5.8 million set in 2008.

With donations from 30.3 percent of alumni, the Thayer School of Engineering received a record $1.2 million, up from last year's $1.1 million. The Geisel School of Medicine raised almost $878,000 from 31 percent of its alumni, surpassing last year's record of $736,000.

The Class of 1988 had the highest alumni participation rate through the Dartmouth College Fund, with donations from 79.1 percent of its members. The Class of 1954 followed with 78.6 percent participation. The classes of 1953, 1958 and 1978 raised record amounts for their 60th, 55th and 35th reunion years

Annual gifts and restricted gifts to the endowment encompass about 35 percent of the College's operating budget.

Princeton University also saw increased alumni participation and raised $57 million, the second-highest amount in its history, with donations from 61.1 percent of undergraduate alumni and a record number of graduate alumni.

Other Ivy League schools have yet to release year-end results.