What NOT to Watch For

by The Dartmouth Sports Staff | 11/11/12 11:00pm

Vince Marriott: The NHL. The status of the labor negotiations never seems to improve, and time keeps on ticking. The recent leak of confidential documents detailing labor talks and the fact the two sides only met for an hour on Sunday leads me to believe that there won't be a pro hockey season this year. The negotiation process, however, has received more media attention than a regular hockey season ever would, so at least hockey is getting some publicity. Something else not to watch for is another Sports Weekly edited by us. It's been real guys, and keep an eye out for the next generation of sports editors taking over in the winter.

Dong Zhao: Similar to many Dartmouth students, I will be studying for my upcoming final exams this Thursday night, and thank goodness there will be no Thursday Night Football game to distract me from the studying. I mean, technically the Dolphins will play the Bills on Thursday night, but making me watch this game would be an infringement on my Eighth Amendment rights. On the one hand, you have a 3-6 Bills team with a quarterback who can barely throw the ball more than 10 yards down the field. On the other hand, you have a 4-5 Dolphins team that just got embarrassed by the not-very-good Titans, 37-3, at home. The lone electrifying star in the game, Reggie Bush, has had a very quiet season after a breakout performance in week two. Add all these factors up, and much to the delight of my professors, I will be faithfully studying on Thursday night.

Jonathan Gault: When I was thinking up the ideal What Not to Watch For, my first thought was to check whether the Charlotte Bobcats and Washington Wizards were playing each other. Admittedly, it was a pipe dream, as they only play each other four times a season. But imagine my delight when I found out that the two were squaring off on Tuesday in Charlotte. You couldn't pick a worse game the two teams have been atrocious for several years now, and they finished with the two worst records in basketball last season, including a 7-59 mark from the Bobcats. That .106 winning percentage was the worst in NBA history. I don't care how big a basketball fan you are unless you're a fan of one of these teams or related to a player in the game, there is absolutely no reason to watch this stinker of a game.