Short Answer

by The Dartmouth Opinion Staff | 3/28/12 10:00pm

This article appeared in a special issue of The Dartmouth examining College President Jim Yong Kim's nomination to head the World Bank.
by Steve Elliott / The Dartmouth

President Kim's short time as a leader on campus has limited his ability to see through new and successful plans for the College. Leaving the school at this precarious point in time to a successor who will inherit many challenges will only make the next few years more complicated and difficult for the administration. Leah Feiger '14

It has often been remarked in the past few days that Kim's elevation to the World Bank will do much to help Dartmouth's reputation. If that is so, perhaps the good favor won for us by Kim's departure will allow us to find a president better than him.Peter Blair '12

President Kim's departure will leave the Dartmouth community lacking a leader at a time when we need one most. Though this appointment is exciting for Dartmouth, it leaves us at an important crossroads in our history, a crossroads at which we'll need to identify what we want our future to look like.Kevin Francfort '15

From President Kim's departure, Dartmouth might learn a much-needed lesson: Despite the very American assumption that great change comes with the bluster and the self-congratulatory fanfare of great leaders, true transformation comes through the quiet determination of many working together to expand the boundaries of a community for the benefit of others.Torrese Ouellette '12

The average tenure for a top-tier college president is eight to 12 years. It does not look good for Dartmouth that its president is leaving so early, especially considering that problems with Dartmouth's fraternity system have been receiving bad press at the same time.Paul Strauch '13

I don't think President Kim's departure will have much of an impact on the day-to-day life of Dartmouth students, or even on the culture. The campus problems for which students like to blame Kim will persist, and the greatness of Dartmouth's unique community will live on.Zachary Miller '13

I hope that Kim's departure will allow Dartmouth to refocus on the liberal arts-based, undergraduate-focused education that makes this place special. While I wish Jim Kim all the luck in the world at the World Bank, I do think that his departure from Dartmouth is an opportunity for the school to reassess its current trajectory and perhaps to embark in a different direction if it proves appropriate to do so.Lorelei Yang '15

Dartmouth is very much at a crossroads right now the direction in which we were heading seemed to be toward a globalized "Dartmouth University," which was largely met with resistance. My hope is that the Board of Trustees will choose a president who will reverse this path and restore Dartmouth to its legacy of being a small college rooted in tradition with a strong sense of community.Natalie Colaneri '12

Kim's departure would affect the College inasmuch as how Dartmouth's next president differs from him. While no one can blame Kim for accepting such an honor should he receive it, I sincerely hope the Trustees can find us a candidate with more of a heartfelt commitment to and connection with the College. Perhaps then we would see a leader willing to take resolute stands, allow transparency and connect with students on a more fundamental and personal level.Jacob Batchelor '12