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February 24, 2024 | Latest Issue
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Breaking News: '15s Ask for Help!

Finals are soon approaching, with anxiety and downright panic soon to follow. I'm definitely not an expert at time management or organization, but after experiencing three finals periods I feel as if I have some valuable advice to bestow on the baby freshmen.

Do I need to study hard for my finals?###

No, absolutely not. If fact, please don't. You're a member of the Class of 2015 aka the smartest, most elite class to ever attend Dartmouth. You probably even placed out of Writing 5. You go Glenn Coco! But seriously, give yourself a well-earned break from Gov 5, Econ 1 and Math 3 and take it easy during finals week and maybe even p some p.

Where are the best places to study in the library?###

It really depends on the experience you want! For facetime, head to any level of Berry, but especially the first or third floors. The East Asian Room between Stacks levels 2 and 3 provides an invigorating cultural experience, and not just because the room's humidity and uncomfortably high temperature resemble monsoon conditions. Choose any level of the unheated stacks if you really want to punish yourself.

But don't worry about finding that perfect spot right away the library won't be that crowded during finals, especially at night when everyone's sleeping, so you'll have plenty of chances to move around.

Is finals period a good time to hook up in the stacks? Really want to get a head start on the Seven.###

Yes, definitely! Though the stacks may be a bit more crowded during finals period, please don't let this deter you from getting it on. You're in luck: Since the entire student body will essentially live in the library for a week, you will have plenty of cracked out, sleep-deprived and (sexually) frustrated partners to choose from. Who can resist the excitement and romance of sex between two dusty bookshelves anyway?

I'm scared.###

Don't be! Dartmouth finals won't be as bad as your finals in high school, especially because there are only three of them. So don't be too hard on yourself, and balance your studying with quick, well-deserved breaks on Facebook and YouTube.

What's the single most important thing I should do during finals?###

Sleep. No joking here the best thing you can do for yourself before a final is to get a full night's sleep. I know it's supertempting to overdose on caffeine and pull an all-nighter before an exam, but please try to restrain yourself. Late-night cramming won't do you any good when you're shaking from caffeine withdrawal and falling asleep during your test. You're better off going to bed at a reasonable hour and letting your brain do its thing.