Editors' Note

by Emily Fletcher and Eliza Relman | 5/19/11 10:00pm

by Yoon Ji Kim / The Dartmouth

Unlike other big weekends, Green Key has no major decades-old traditions - the weekend has evolved immensely since its days of "imported" female students and chariot racing. But what has remained constant is the relief that Green Key celebrations provide to Dartmouth students. Winter, especially this past one, is long and hard in New Hampshire and this weekend represents a celebration of a change in weather, season and spirit.

Whether or not you attend any concerts, participate in any Keystone consumption or go to any outdoor parties, this weekend offers us all the same opportunity to hang out, relax and celebrate that we're surrounded by friends, that we're in college and that it's sunny (we hope?).

In our view, Green Key is a weekend with no clear purpose, but there are those who love it.

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