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May 28, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

How to Save DBA at Dartmouth

As the end of term approaches, lines at the dining halls start moving a little slower as people stall to check their DBA balance. Running low? You may want to check out the Free Food bulletin on Blitz, which contains a list of all the free food events on campus. Nothing makes a dinner conversation more interesting than free Jewel of India.

Also posted on the bulletin occasionally are free food tips' apparently, both Ramunto's and Bagel Basement give away any food they have left at the end of the day for free (midnight for Ramunto's and 4 p.m. for Bagel Basement). Stop by Novack before its closing hours to pick up some free muffins and other snacks.

If nothing on the bulletin interests you, here's a few dining options that will help you save:

(Disclaimer: if you regularly get the platter-size entree at FoCo or drink a half-gallon of milk with dinner, the portion sizes below will probably not be enough for you.)

Breakfast: -2 eggs/toast at The Hop: $3.20-Bagel with butter at The Hop: $1.25

Lunch or Dinner:-Large cup of Chili or soup at Collis: $3.50-Tofu stir-fry at Collis: $5.50-Peanut butter & Jelly at FoCo: $3.50 -Susie Q at FoCo: $3.60 -Small pasta w/ marinara sauce at FoCo: $4.25 -Large bowl of soup at FoCo: $4.25 -Half a Panini with fries at Homeplate: $4.25

Poor nutrition? Priceless.