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May 27, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

How to do Laundry

Dartmouth is rough on clothing, just in case you weren't aware. Between dirty frat basements, DDS spills, stains from the lab or whatever other else you may encounter, it's possible you'll need to do more than just throw your clothes in a machine. Here are some tips that will save you time and clothing:

  1. Ever look in the pocket of your jeans and notice how much darker the fabric is? That's because jeans fade with each wash. Preserve the color by turning jeans inside out before washing.

  2. Always pretreat as soon as possible. Run a stain under cool water and rub with a stain stick. Carry a Tide to go stick it's only the size of a highlighter. You can even let the clothing sit for up to a week before you get around to washing it.

  3. Steal a few balls from the tennis team and throw them into the dryer. Not only will this cut down on drying time, but it will also make your clothes softer and your towels fluffy.

  4. Your new fairy wings shedding glitter all over the place? Spray your flair with aerosol hairspray to make the glitter stay put, then wash separately from other clothes or at least inside out. You're welcome, KDE.

  5. Delicate clothing, like bras or anything lacy, should not be put in the dryer. Even though it's a pain to let them air dry in your room, this will help maintain their shape and prevent fraying.

  6. Ironing sucks. Not only is it time consuming, it's also tricky to get out every wrinkle. The best way to prevent wrinkles is to remove clothes from the dryer the second they're ready.

  7. OR you can ignore all my previous advice, stuff your clothes into a giant canvas bag and make sure it's outside your door by 8 a.m every Monday. Thanks laundry service!