Bacon honored with film award

by Astrid Bradley | 1/28/08 3:52am

Kevin Bacon discusses his career after receving the Dartmouth film award.
by Teresa Lattanzio / The Dartmouth

"To make fun of yourself is a great honor," Kevin Bacon said onstage at one of the highlight's of the Dartmouth arts calendar, "A Tribute to Kevin Bacon."

During the tribute Bacon received the Dartmouth Film Award after an hour-long compilation of scenes from various Bacon appearances that began the event.

The compilation provoked a number of laughs at scenes not deemed traditionally funny, especially the infamous "Footloose" warehouse dance routine. Even Bacon himself commented that the clip seemed like something from a "timepiece," as he looked back over 20 years later.

The tribute ended in a 45-minute long interview session with Michael Amico '07, Hopkins center student ambassador, followed by an assortment of odd questions from the audience.

Instead of posing a question, one man proceeded to announce six Dartmouth alumni (or in one case a sibling of an alumnus) that had worked with Bacon in some capacity -- letting Bacon know that yes, the six degrees joke will never get old.

Before receiving the award at Dartmouth, Bacon spent Friday as a man about town, eating lunch at Molly's, teaching a master class with film and theatre students and even giving a few pointers to the 16 semi-finalists of "Dartmouth Idol."

"He was remarkably down to earth and approachable for a Hollywood movie star," said Bailey Massey '08, director of the Dartmouth Film Society.

During the master class, Bacon recalled that despite making numerous movies (over 60), that he thought "only 4 or 5 of them are actually any good."

In remembrance of Bacon's film debut as "Animal House's" (1978) most subservient pledge, Alpha Delta fraternity, in conjunction with Dartmouth Film Society, hosted an after-party to boast Bacon's triumphant return to the frat that inspired it all (Do the words "Thank you sir, may I have another," ring a bell?).

Bacon spent most of his time at AD with cameras trained on him. Most of these shots were taken of Bacon as he participated in an impromptu game of pong, in which he served, sank and even saved a couple.

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