Mac upgrade presents compatibility issues

by Kate Farley | 11/29/07 1:45am

Students who upgrade their computers to Mac OS X Leopard, the latest upgrade, are presently unable to use GreenPrint or eTokens.
by The Dartmouth / The Dartmouth

Computing Services is advising users who depend on either resource to postpone upgrading to Leopard until the compatible software is released.

Bucciero said that Computing Services was aware that the two programs would not be compatible with Leopard because it had tested them with Apple's developer kit before the upgrade was released. They were unable to fix the problem themselves, however, because both applications are written by third-party companies.

"When people purchase Leopard through the Computer Store they are receiving a note that tells them that not all applications may work with the operating system at this time because it is so new," Ellen Young, manager of Consulting Services at Computer Services, said in an e-mail.

The note mentions GreenPrint and eToken software specifically.

GreenPrint is manufactured by Pharos Systems. The compatibility issue exists because Leopard processes print jobs differently than do previous versions of Mac OS X. Pharos' development team is currently working to produce an updated version of the software, which will be released to institutions as soon as possible, a company representative said.

Aladdin Systems, the manufacturer of eTokens and its associated software, has announced that it plans to fix the Leopard compatibility problems in the next release of their program. Bucciero said that he expects the new software will be released in the next few months, by the end of winter at the latest. In the interim, users can ask the help desk to assist them in installing a security certificate directly on their machine as a temporary alternative.

The problems plaguing students who chose to upgrade, however, have not deterred some from installing Leopard.

"I haven't found it too inconvenient, since if you're using Leopard, you can just 'print to PDF' and blitz yourself the file, and open it up at the Blitz terminals near the printers," Nicolai Buhr '07 said. "It takes an extra minute, but I can afford that if I'm making the walk to GreenPrint anyway."

Leopard was released on Oct. 26 and is for sale at Computer Sales and Services. The upgrade is available free of charge to freshmen who purchased their computers through the College this fall, and can be purchased for $10 through Apple's Up-To-Date program by other users who bought a new Mac after Oct. 1. The software can be purchased by other users affiliated with the College at the educational discount price of $69. Leopard is currently supported by the Student Computing Help Desk.

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