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April 15, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Daily Debriefing

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology filed a negligence suit against architect Frank Gehry, accusing him of design flaws in the $300 million Stata Center in Cambridge, Mass, according to The Boston Globe. The suit claims his errors caused mold, drainage back-up and leaks and cracks in the masonry. The Globe reported that snow and ice cascaded dangerously from projecting roof areas, blocked emergency exits and damaged other parts of the building. MIT reported in the suit that it cost more than $1.5 million to hire another company to rebuild the amphitheater adding new bricks, seats, and a new drainage system. According to the suit, MIT paid Gehry Partners $15 million to design the Stata Center.

A Colorado State University researcher and a graphic artist, in association with Dartmouth students, have created playing cards with messages for American soldiers serving in the Middle East, according Spero News. The project was carried out in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Defense and is part of a cultural heritage awareness program. Each card displays an artifact or site and gives a tip on how soldiers can avoid causing damage. There is a message printed at the top of each card saying "ROE first!" acknowledging that soldiers should obey military Rules of Engagement before all other considerations. Each suit of cards has a theme: diamonds for artifacts and treasures, spades for historic sites and archaeological digs, hearts for "winning hearts and minds" and clubs for heritage preservation.

LeRoy Graham, the former senior associate registrar at Dartmouth, has been appointed as Middlebury College's registrar, according to the Middlebury website. At Middlebury, Graham's duties will include registration and record-keeping for 2,350 undergraduates and 1,800 additional students who are enrolled in the Language Schools, Schools Abroad, and Bread Loaf School of English. Graham will work with a full-time staff of eight and he is replacing Pamela Anastassiou. Graham served at Dartmouth College for eight years.