Daily Debriefing

by Compiled by Amita Kulkarni | 3/1/07 6:00am

Sandy Alderson '69, one of the four individuals running in the upcoming Board of Trustees election, spoke at a dinner at Alpha Delta fraternity on Wednesday evening. Alderson, the CEO of the San Diego Padres, discussed his success running Major League Baseball teams and went on to compare his past experiences to managing a college. He shared his views about the upcoming election and the hope he has for the College's future. The dinner gave the group of 30 students, mostly non-members of AD, a chance to ask the potential trustee member questions about what he could bring to the College. In a twist, he questioned the audience, asking the students about their Dartmouth experiences and what makes Dartmouth such a unique place. Later that evening, Alderson met with a group of Dartmouth women at the Canoe Club in Hanover to discuss women's issues at the College.

Firearms were the topic of discussion at Hanover High School on Wednesday evening. The Hanover police department held a second three-hour Safety, Awareness and Firearms Education course for members of the local community. The purpose of the program is to discuss the history of firearms, bring attention to the fact that firearms are becoming more common in homes in the Upper Valley, and educate community members on the proper procedures for securing firearms. The program is intended for high school students and their parents but all were welcome, no matter their firearms experience.

The Dartmouth Outing Club held elections for next year's president and vice president of its student directorate on Wednesday evening in Collis Common Ground. This year, two students vied for the yearlong presidential position and a record eight students ran for the position of vice president. Erika Sogge '08 and Phil Bracikowski '08, a member of The Dartmouth staff, are vying for spring, fall and winter president while Jake Feintzeig '09 ran unopposed for Summer term president. The results of the election have not yet been released.