Clarifying events at the crew formal

by Harry Kinne | 11/14/06 6:00am

Clarifying events at the crew formal

To the Editor:

I appreciate the effort to report on activities relating to safety on the Dartmouth campus including the recent article on The Good Samaritan policy ("After 'Good Sam,' arrests prompt student questions," Nov. 9). I thought it was well researched.

I would, however, like to comment that, in my opinion, the recent article on the crew team's formal incorrectly indicates that our department interrupted the formal ("Interrupted crew formal generates apology," Nov. 9).

In reality, we were responding to a concern that was relayed to our department, and responded as we normally would have. During our brief visit to the event, the social activities continued and I do not feel that the event was interrupted.

Your secondary header in the continuation of the article on a subsequent page of "Crew Formal Visited by Security after Complaint" is a much more accurate portrayal of the situation and our response, and additionally would have given your readers a more informed description of the events.