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June 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

On The Sidewalk

Judging from the way people have been dressing as of late, one would believe that it is summer-time in Hanover: short sleeves instead of layers of sweaters, and bright oranges, reds and pinks instead of dreary grays and blacks. People have even been wearing sunglasses to shield themselves from the intense sunlight. While some students could be caught with coat in hand, others had the audacity to ditch their coats entirely. I guess 40-degree weather is the new 80 degrees. We here at The Mirror, of course, are always encouraging people to take fashion risks and to throw fashion norms to the wind. Who cares if you're not supposed to dress cute during the dead of winter? Let us be honest here, nobody is truly able to live up to their fashion potential during winter anyways, so if you can bear it, wear it -- that's our motto. We're not just talking shortsleeves here, hell if you can bear to wear those cute little shorts Nicole Richie has been sporting over in sunny Los Angeles here in Hanover, then please, by all means, do it. Page eight of The Mirror is not where you are going to hear "O.M.G., does she really think she can pull that off?!" or "Um, does she not realize that it's like 30 degrees outside?!" On the contrary, we applaud you, fashion risk-takers, and cheer you on! Frostbite isn't that big of a deal anyway ....