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May 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth


It is funny how our perception of cold changes so drastically as soon as the winter season hits. In a normal place (and by normal, I mean a place where its inhabitants needn't suffer the abominable winter that we Hanoverites endure), we would never be caught dead wearing skirts, flip-flops or the like in weather under fifty degrees because -- GASP -- what if we catch pneumonia or something! However, as soon as winter hits Hanover and we begin to experience true cold, all of a sudden we begin to regard 50 degree weather as warm enough to bust out our cute skirts. While of course there are many of us who will only be seen in Uggs and Northface from the first snowfall until the snow melts, there are a fearless few who brave the cold winds and frostbite for the sake of fashion. There are not many of these brave few, mind you, but nonetheless, if you look hard enough you will find them. "On the Sidewalk" applauds these rare gems and encourages you to free that inner fashionista that hides within you, even if it is -30 degrees outside ...