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The Dartmouth
May 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

On The Sidewalk

As the snow begins to pile up on the ground, many Dartmouth students seem to succumb to the fashion trauma that I like to call the "Northface Effect." C'mon people! Just because it is cold outside does not in any way automatically denote that we must lose all sense of style and abandon all hopes of looking at least somewhat fashionable. While Northface is a great invention and certainly does a great job of keeping us warm, it nonetheless makes us look like every other Dartmouth student and quite frankly, it is just plain old "blah." However, do not despair. There are the heroic few among us who manage to still maintain a sense of style while at the same time keeping warm and toasty. Despite popular belief at Dartmouth, fashion and warmth are not mutually exclusive. Today, we would like to recognize and praise the few propagators of fashion that still exist in our dear college by enlisting the aid of colorful bags, cute boots, bright coats, and whatever other accessories they were able to incorporate to add some color and excitement to an otherwise dreary and grey season. We hail you and hope that your fervor for fashion will spread throughout the Dartmouth campus so that one day perhaps we will no longer be plagued by the "Northface Effect." Instead perhaps we will be surrounded by a plethora of warm and lo-and-behold FASHIONABLE people. Until that day, I will continue to crusade against this awful fashion trauma to encourage everyone to break out of the uniformity that cold weather seems to force upon us.