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February 24, 2024 | Latest Issue
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Health Services looks for new alcohol program coordinator

Dartmouth's Health Services is searching for a coordinator of the alcohol and other drug education program, a position formerly held by Ryan Travia, who resigned in July to join the staff at Harvard University.

The Alcohol and Other Drug Education Office serves as an informational resource for the Dartmouth community and initiates programming that encourages low-risk choices relating to substance use, according to the Health Services website.

Bryant Ford, director of the substance abuse treatment team at Dick's House and the chair of the search, hopes to fill the coordinator position by Winter term, he said.

After interviews, Ford invited the top three candidates back to campus to give presentations. The next candidate comes to campus Monday to give his presentation to members of the search committee, students and other faculty members.

"We have been pleased with the quality of the applicants thus far," said Mark Reed, director of counseling and health services at Dick's House.

According to Reed, student involvement is a key part of the search process.

"Students are meeting individually with the candidates and also attending the presentations," he said.

Until a new coordinator is hired, various staff members of Dick's House, the Student Activities Office and the Office of Residential Life are covering the position's responsibilities.

Eric Ramsey, assistant director of student activities, and Megan Johnson, assistant director of the co-ed, fraternity and sorority administration have taken over the training program for social event management procedures. Ford is conducting alcohol education groups, while also working with members of his staff on programming and education issues and running the drug and alcohol peer advisers program.

The AOD Education Office runs multiple programs including the TRAC I program, a workshop on making choices regarding drugs and alcohol, the TRAC II program, an alcohol education class for students exhibiting risky behavior, and TRAC III for students involved with marijuana use.

The office also trains DAPAs, who serve as peer resources to students, and conducts SEMP training for organizations planning events where alcohol will be served.

Travia left a legacy of successful alcohol and drug awareness programs. The former employee of the College was essential in revising both the SEMP and the Good Samaritan policies. Travia also helped organize Health Services' social norms campaign, which dealt with statistics of alcohol-related behavior on campus.