Quiznos, Orient bring new flavor to Hanover

by Lense Gebre-Mariam | 10/12/05 5:00am

As winter moves in, Dartmouth students can look forward to two new restaurants in town: Orient and Quiznos Sub.

Promising a modern twist on authentic Chinese food, Orient will replace the recently closed Panda House in Hanover Park. The restaurant will offer a light menu with Chinese favorites and a variety of sushi, landlord Jim Rubens said.

"We will have a Chinese restaurant [that is] overall better than Panda," Rubens said.

Dartmouth students welcomed the announced return of Chinese food to Hanover, saying the November opening of Orient will be a relief for them.

"I'm excited about it because I miss the opportunity to eat Chinese food," Amelia Alvarez '08 said.

Although Orient has no ties to its notorious predecessor, Panda House, some students expressed doubts about the new restaurant.

"Maybe I'll eat there if they have a clean kitchen," Eli Meltzer '06 said.

Orient will share the building with fellow Hanover newcomer Quiznos Sub, a popular sandwich chain.

Quiznos will open two blocks away from Subway, part of a competing sandwich chain.

The Hanover community can handle two such restaurants, said Rubens, who mentioned the favorable reaction Quiznos has already received.

"People think it is very needed downtown," Rubens said. "Quiznos will be cleaner, better, more inventive and have better food [than Subway]."

Rubens began looking into bringing another sandwich chain to Hanover Park after hearing complaints from several people about the lack of fast food in the area.

Following visits to three separate Quiznos restaurants, Rubens chose the sandwich shop as a viable business for his building.

Two local residents, Mike and Brenda Kline, will run the Hanover Quiznos franchise. The couple took the job at Quiznos because they found the product, sandwich and value to be outstanding, Mike Kline said.

Mike Kline recognized the importance of offering food that will appeal most to the local and student markets.

"The student population is one that is important to us," he said. "We hope to work with Dartmouth."

The Klines said they plan on eventually offering delivery and catering services, they said.

Quiznos may also institute a student incentives program after winter break to draw customers to the new restaurant.

Subway employee Matt Hibbard said the most noticeable difference between the two restaurants will be the range of soups Quiznos serves. Hibbard fears Quiznos' variety might draw customers away from Subway.

"It can only compete with us because they have soup and we don't," he said. "I don't really like it, but I think it will take business away for awhile, but our regulars will stay."

Dartmouth students responded with mixed reactions to the news that the familiar Quiznos franchise will start up shop in Hanover.

"I think it's a good thing, and Hanover needs more restaurants," Genevieve Parshalle '08 said.

Some students, however, doubt they will even visit the new restaurant.

"I don't eat outside of the dining hall so much, so it doesn't affect me," Kevin Pfeiffer '09 said.

Still, there are those whose mouths are watering for the familiar favorite already.

"Mmm good!" said Ted Babcock '09.

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