Order of Omega looks to raise $7.5K for United Way

by Hillary Wool | 10/18/05 5:00am

Members of the Order of Omega Greek honor society have begun planning for this year's student United Way campaign.

The organizers of the fundraising drive aim to raise at least $7,500 this year through events such as a charity golf tournament and dodgeball competition as well as numerous smaller events such as bake sales.

"Our events and approaches to fundraising are based on what's been successful in the past and some new ideas the service committee has come up with," Jessica Kelly '07, chair of the United Way committee, said.

One of the co-chairs is currently putting together a 50/50 raffle for a football game to hopefully take place during Homecoming weekend, Kelly said. The committee also plans to pursue school-wide raffles involving donations from local businesses.

According to Kelly, last year's golf and dodgeball tournaments were especially successful. The group also plans to sell baked goods and other foods throughout the year.

"Bake sales with the help of Greek houses on campus will occur over the next couple of terms, mostly likely during midterms and finals in the library when people need a little happiness in the form of sugar," Kelly said. "Also, selling food late at night outside Rocky to catch people who may be out at night around frat row is an option we're looking into."

The United Way supports the Upper Valley through their numerous partner agencies that provide services including counseling for children, adolescents and families and assistance for the elderly and disabled.

Several United Way programs reach out to those in crisis. The organization operates a 24-hour crisis-intervention hotline certified by the American Association of Suicidology and sponsors Hannah House, which provides outreach, vocational and day care services to pregnant or parenting youth and self-help programs assisting adults in the long term.

The organization runs childhood programs for various ages, nonprofit legal assistance, a program called Upper Valley Substance Abuse Foundation, the Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice of Vermont and New Hampshire and WISE, a program that provides services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Contributions to the United Way help provide community-based services to all people, regardless of social or economic circumstances.

Although the Order of Omega is organizing United Way donation efforts, they seek to reach out to the entire student body to help with their efforts, the society's president Lindsay Longe '06 said.

"The Order of Omega will be organizing many of the events, but we certainly hope for participation and support from the rest of the College community," Longe said. "There will be a diverse range of fundraising events that we plan, so everyone will have an opportunity to contribute if they wish to."

Many Greek houses will contribute to the fundraising by making monetary commitments and helping sponsor or host events.

For the past three years, the Order of Omega has spearheaded the College's United Way donation efforts, and a group of 20 Order of Omega members are serving on a committee to raise funds for United Way.

"The campaign is still in the planning stages, so there is a lot left to be decided," said Longe.

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