Greek houses expect alumni to return for weekend reunions

by Matthew Abbott | 10/21/05 5:00am

With an influx of alumni returning to Hanover for the Homecoming festivities, Greek houses are busy preparing reunions for their members who will be in town.

Chi Heorot fraternity plans on having a post-football game reception at their house that usually draws about 40 alumni, according to Heorot president Schafer Boeder '06.

In addition, Heorot will host the Class of 1970 tent on their lawn from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday for a tailgating event.

Chi Gamma Epsilon fraternity is using the weekend to celebrate the house's 100th anniversary and also to kick off a house capital campaign. Approximately 150 to 200 Chi Gam alumni are expected to attend a series of cocktail parties on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon.

"We expect it to be a good weekend," Chi Gam President Brandon Piper '06 said. "We're trying to balance the social interests of the alumni with the social interests of the brothers and students."

Phi Delta Alpha fraternity will also host an alumni reception at their house following Saturday's football game.

"We know that a lot of alumni are up for the Dartmouth Night celebrations and the big game, so we like to have a time when they can all gather at the house afterwards," Phi Delt Vice President Russell Lane '06 said. "In the past, it has served as a fun time for the brothers as well as the alumni and their families."

Gamma Delta Chi fraternity will host a dinner for alumni and parents after the football game on Saturday. Gamma Delt president Nick Stork '06 also said that after the event a live band will play at a registered party.

Like Gamma Delt, Epsilon Kappa Theta sorority will host a dinner for alumnae on Saturday according to EKT president Kacy Gordon '06.

Other houses do not have any special events planned specifically for their alumni, but instead invite them to participate in events and parties that are hosted each year.

Sigma Nu fraternity, for example, has not planned any alumni-specific events. The house, however, will hold an alumni corporation meeting and is expecting 10 to 20 alumni to return to the house.

Theta Delta Chi fraternity will host its annual pig-roast, which typically draws large numbers of alumni and students.

While there is a large amount of diversity in the events that Greek houses choose to host for their alumni, each event serves to keep alumni connected to their houses and the College.

"As soon as I left, I pretty much realized these were the best years of my life, and the fact that I have a house to come back to and people who know me sustains my connection to the school as a whole," Chi Gam alumnus Brian Orce '04 said.

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