Wake Up, Smell the Bias

by Richard Montgomery | 11/16/04 6:00am

To the Editor:

Jake Tapper's comments on the recent presidential campaigns were quite interesting ("Tapper '91 gives scoop on campaign reporting," The Dartmouth, November 15). However, he certainly demonstrated a surprising degree of naivete when he discussed the Swift Boat attacks on Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry. Despite what Tapper may believe, the senator was well aware of the pending accusations. In fact, he made a concerted effort to prevent it from happening in the first place. Once he realized that he could not dissuade the accusers, he simply tried to ignore them. Given the help he received from the mainstream media, he almost succeeded. Unfortunately for Kerry, the Internet forced the issue into the public light and he could no longer keep silent. Well, actually he did remain silent but dispatched his minions to discredit the "Swifties."

As the campaign wore on, the issues raised by the Swift Boat Veterans started to receive the publicity they deserved. The Kerry camp's response of, "liar, liar, pants on fire" did not constitute a rational, intelligent rebuttal. And despite what The New York Times reported, none of the Swift Boat allegations were actually disproved.

In closing, I would make a final observation. Given the astoundingly biased reporting, during the campaign, by ABC and in particular, "Nightline," I cannot help but wonder why Dartmouth would be interested in what Tapper might have to say.

Not to denigrate the man, but the organization he works for cannot be seen to be an unbiased news organization.