If You Have to Fail, Then Fail Spectacularly

by Tyson Kubota | 11/23/04 6:00am

To the Editor:

I'm puzzled as to the motivations and intentions behind the recent series of articles "profiling students who at first glance embody various Dartmouth stereotypes."

Mainly because of your phrasing, I expected the articles themselves to go beyond the "first glance," but I've had no such luck. Instead, your writers play to well-worn stereotypes in an easy manner that I'd be tempted to call sarcastic.

I'd like to believe there's more to the football player who floods shower stalls in the locker room, or the pong-loving frat guy who (gasp!) likes Taco Bell and The New York Times crossword puzzle, or the apparently malodorous, granola bar-loving "campus outdoorsman" than your articles let on.

Is your goal in printing this series really to go beyond initial appearances and show that these students transcend narrow-minded stereotypes?

If so, the tone and content of the four articles thus far have failed in a spectacular fashion.

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