Racism, the Redux

by Kenan Yount | 10/27/04 5:00am

To the Editor:

This Marks character ("A Racist School," The Dartmouth, October 26) is absolutely ridiculous to call Dartmouth a racist institution on account of an op-ed article ("Vox Clamantis in Harlem," The Dartmouth, October 22). The offending joke was apparently some reference to Columbia students falling "asleep to the sound of gunshots and sirens." There is no racist tone in this comment or any mention of Harlem's predominantly black population.

Once again, political correctness has the panties of excitable nitpickers all in a bunch, causing them to misconstrue insults about their college as racist jokes. It's a plain and simple fact that crime rates are higher in New York than in Hanover. Dartmouth is not a racist institution nor should it be considered one. Get a life.

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