Four one-acts set to take Nathan's Garden by storm

by Colin Barry | 8/12/04 5:00am

Nathan's Garden, a quiet, spacious park at the intersection of Maple Street and Downing Road, may play host to more than an occasional birdwatcher this weekend.

The Displaced Theater Company's summer production, consisting of four one-act plays tied together by original monologue, is set to run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the garden, weather permitting.

The plays will follow "one convoluted but interesting train of thought throughout the whole performance," according to Cole Entress '06, one of five actors. Titled "... but i digress ...," the performance is somewhat meandering, but overall it will reportedly focus on themes of understanding and sexuality.

"From the Hardy Boys to nuns to God Himself, between the four plays we get to explore the way just about everyone tries to explain [the world] and 'get it on,'" Entress said.

Actors expressed hope that the play's unique and picturesque location would contribute to its appeal. The Displaced Theater Company exclusively hosts performances in non-traditional settings, but Entress described Nathan's Garden as "a perfect location for this play."

"The garden has a lot of room and it's kind of set up as a stage," Entress said. "It's a great space that a lot of people don't know about."

The play's actors -- Dan Ames '06, Kate Boies '05, Hannah Chase '06, Jesse Moya '06 and Entress -- have spent about six weeks preparing for the show. The cast, along with director John Bair '06 and stage manager Nancy Aitcheson '06, wrote lines, assembled a wardrobe and rehearsed over the course of Summer term.

Now the biggest worry for the production staff is the possibility of a thundershower.

"I'm a little worried about the weather," Entress said. "It has been raining for 85 percent of the summer."

Each of the production's three showings will start at 5:45 p.m., and the performance will be moved to Alpha Xi Delta sorority in the event of rain. The play runs approximately an hour and a half.