Curley credits alumni contacts in his job search

by Colin Barry | 6/13/04 5:00am

A few short days after his commencement, Michael Curley '04 will leave Hanover behind for Washington, D.C., and a job at a real estate consulting firm.

"I start two weeks after graduation, so right away I have to think about getting a place to live and moving," Curley said.

Curley described the job market as still very tough, recalling that he participated in numerous resume drops and interviews before getting an employment offer. He said his job hunt was "considerably helped by alumni contacts made while involved in campus organizations."

"The fact that the first person I spoke to was a Dartmouth grad was instrumental in getting me an interview," Curley said. "Just getting your foot in the door seems to be the toughest part."

Curley had focused on finding employment in the consulting and banking sectors.

"I'll be working on consulting about expansion as well as putting together deals to acquire real estate," Curley said.

A diehard Red Sox fan, Curley mentioned the proximity of Baltimore's Camden Yards as an advantage of his new home over Hanover.

"Also, sometimes the social scene at Dartmouth can be slightly limiting compared to that of a major East Coast city," Curley said.