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April 19, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

What Better Symbol...

To the Editor:

Regarding the discussions about a new symbol and nickname for the College's teams, I am old-school enough to believe that, polls aside, no moose is good moose. I have, however, a late entry to suggest, a moniker that has no gender, no ethnic sensitivity, no animal-rights baggage. To the contrary, it already has Dartmouth roots, and, in fact, has been trademarked by the College. Let's call ourselves the Dartmouth Blitz, with a lightning bolt symbol --white on green. Shazam!

Headline writers will love it. Imagine after a sports victory: "Blitz Mitts Gives Yale Fits" or "Blitz Hits Tiger's Kits" or "Green Blitz, Crimson Quits." (There are, of course, a couple of rhymes that sportswriters would need to avoid.) Further, as every Dartmouth student knows, blitz works as both a noun and a verb, whereas such verbs as "to moose" or "to lion" or "to green" are awkward at best. Of course, we don't have to lose "green"; it works with blitz.

I hope The Dartmouth will rally support for this idea. Then we can move on to other, perhaps more important, controversies.