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February 22, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Hui '05 takes N.H. leadership award

"An amazing student who continues to develop and contribute wonderful things to campus life," Lena Previll, the coordinator of student programs, said of Dan Hui '05, who recently received the National Association of Campus Activities leadership award for the state of New Hampshire at the regional conference in Hartford, Conn.

The award is given annually to a New Hampshire college student who demonstrates outstanding leadership in campus activities.

Hui is currently a member of Programming Board and served as its co-chair for two terms last year. His contributions include the creation of a year-long comedy series as well as advertisements that, according to Previll, are so popular "we've had trouble keeping them up because students take them to hang on their walls."

"Dan is one of those students who will not only join an organization, but will go above and beyond what is expected of him," said Kori Yee Litt '05, who wrote a letter of recommendation on Hui's behalf.

Jeanette M. Hixon, the regional director for the selection committee, said Hui's application stood out because he "sounds like a dynamic individual who is very deserving of the award."

"No one could be more deserving," Previll said, as demonstrated by students and administrators' willingness to recommend Hui for the award.

Hui said he felt shocked when the award was announced, because he was not aware that he had been nominated for the honor and had contemplated not attending the awards banquet.

In addition to his role on PB, Hui serves as an Eco Intern and on Green Key as a student representative on the Dining and Social Commons committee. He also volunteers his time as a tour guide for the Office of Admissions. He was an orientation guide and has volunteered during Graduation Gala for the past two years.

NACA is an organization that aims to educate campus leaders in life-balancing, leadership and activities-planning skills. It holds conferences in different regions where representatives from member schools are able to attend seminars.

Hui has not only attended several of these NACA conferences but also presented his own seminar along with three other Dartmouth students. The seminar was entitled "Two Parts Convention, One Part Invention: The Remedy for the Common Northeast Cold" and discussed Dartmouth's Winter Carnival.

Hui was the only Dartmouth student nominated for the award. He was evaluated by a committee of NACA staff members on the basis of peer and administrator recommendations and in comparison to others nominated from New Hampshire.

Each year, Previl is responsible for nominating a deserving student, if she determines one exists. The application is then sent to NACA and peer and administrator recommendations are obtained on the nominee's behalf. Students are not informed of their nomination until after the awards ceremony.