Don't Judge a Book...

by Tom Teagle | 11/17/03 6:00am

To the Editor:

I am a Southerner. I drive an old Chevy pickup truck complete with a gun rack and large Confederate battle flag decal. Like many people here, I display the battle flag in honor of my ancestors who fought in defense of the South. Despite how you Yankees choose to stereotype it, the flag has nothing to do with my social politics which are slightly left of center. In this I am not unique.

So Mr. Dean's smug stereotyping of us Southerners falls flatter than my Aunt Pearl's fanny. I am college educated, run my own business and actually own a health insurance policy. However, Dean did get one thing right ... very little coming out of the current gaggle of Democratic contenders gives me a reason to support any of them. My "Lincoln loathing" parents and grandparents may be rolling in their graves, but I can't see myself voting Democrat. And I'm certainly not going to support anyone like Dean who holds folks like me in such open contempt.

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