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The Dartmouth
April 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

An Apology to the Community

To the Editor:

The skit that the freshmen Aires wrote and presented at Alphi Xi on Wednesday night has hurt and offended members of the Dartmouth community. We extend our sincerest apologies to those who are upset and invite those who have questions or comments to approach us. We encourage those who were not present at the event to hear a variety of accounts and more importantly, to address your concerns to someone who was there and informed.

The skit was a parody, deisgned by the freshman to demonstrate the impossibility of racial problems existing in a group as diverse and cohesive as the Aires. We were presenting a REACTION to racism, meant to dissolve racist notions -- NOT to perpetuate racial stereotypes. We realize that the interpretations of what was presented vary widely and we recognize that we should have used less inflammatory material to express our group unity.

Most significantly, we apologise for our offenses. We have gained insight from our discussions with the Black Leadership Council among other student organizations and we encourage readers to come and speak to us to gain more insight on the situation.