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The Dartmouth
June 12, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

A New Look at an Old Symbol

To the Editor:

After being offended by Dean (and also being told by Dean how I should vote), I find great humor in the flag posters.

In the South we do not consider the Confederate flag to be related totally to slavery. To us it represents rural living, fried green tomatoes, biscuits and gravy, 'possums on the road, massive kudzoo, etc. We feel like it was the Midwestern skin heads who made our flag a hate symbol. I never witnessed true segregation until I lived in the "Wild Wild West" and made a visit to Michigan. In these places I witnessed true hate. The flag represents our history and a battle for states' rights. Be the history good or bad, it is our heritage.

I view this as a college kid prank; nothing more or less. For those reacting, I suggest that they are overreacting. Lighten up and stop being so superficial.

Thanks for the Nov. 13 article "Students call Dean posters a hoax." It was my first smile of the morning.